Monday, October 5, 2009

Chandeliers And The Titanic ?

When you say crystal, the thought of the Titanic comes to mind. With the multiple ballrooms, state rooms and other places for the wealthy people on board to enjoy the elegance is definitely a time gone by experience. The era of creation here is well within the period pieces you could add to your space, to create the time gone by feeling. No matter your homes design, the elegance often sought after in the chandelier world has always been of the crystal type. Choices today often vary by vendor and most can be seen online. Making the right choice for your pace depends entirely on you.

Crystal Is More Elaborate Than Glass.

Crystal chandeliers are different from glass chandeliers, as they contain lead within the crystal to make them more pure. When pure light is used to catch natural light, the rainbows and elegance cast about the room is in its own right, breathtaking to say the least. Homes of the rich and famous are often strewn with crystal chandeliers, homes of nobility and even lowly class citizens often have the pleasure of at least one crystal chandelier in their lives.

Shonbek Chandeliers Are Perfect To Finish Your Decor

Shonbek a common company name in the creation and design of crystal chandeliers have been doing so for over fifty years. Timeless pieces designed with personal and commercial use in mind. Gradually over the years styles have changed, included more crystals and have kept true to the company name. Shonbek crystal chandeliers often grace the lobbies of many fine hotels, ball rooms and theatres across the map. However, some will disagree with the company being the only provider of well made chandeliers for all occasions.

Lighting Is A Focal Point To Your Room

Focal pieces within a room are what many people find in the elegance of a crystal chandelier. This is the only truly designed piece that will equal other designs from the early 20th century, a period where fine dining embellished with the rise of many new companies allowed for the finer side of life. Overall the chandelier has created an award winning appetite for its grandeur illusions of being more than prestigious. Although some will dispute the effect, the design is still the same. Elegance wrapped in silver or gold tones, with frosted arm branches and multiple layers of crystal lobes, drops and pendants to make any heart warm with the hanging treasure. Still the ambiance resides with the elegance of yesteryear and the ability to pleasantly copy the designs in futuristic style.

Exchanging a Modern Chandelier for a Time Gone by Affect

Elegance, it’s what makes every room shine. Decorating with Chandeliers has never been easier. It’s simply really if you think too much about the room’s d├ęcor you are making this project too hard! When you think of yesteryear, you think of fine dining rooms adorned with crystal chandeliers and tons of well dressed ladies in their finest gowns. This is a wonderful example of time gone by. Crystal chandeliers have always brought brilliance, grace and elegance to many room styles. Capturing the essences of beauty in a single glimpse is like waterfall crystals falling from a fixture.